Would you like to get established in your practices?
Know better what is Ananda Marga about?
Understand the importance  of each of our practices?

This type of understanding is difficult to get with just reading books, attending Dharma Cakras (group meditations) and retreats. You need a bit more time. And naturally, the best way to get practices established, is to practice. Not just by yourself, but with others, and in a way that is more disciplined than would be possible at home.

There are trainings for men and woman. There there are for those who have more time, want to really go deep and thus get a taste of what it is to work like a Didi or Dada and there are trainings for those with less time. keep reading. The first type is what is called LFT training; it takes 6 weeks and afterwards you would work full-time for a year.

There is flexibility as we understand each person is in a different situation. But yes, LFT means Local Full Timer, so the spirit is to work full time, to stay in an Ananda Marga project and not have other obligations during that time. Not even boy friends or girlfriends. You will live like a monk or nun but without the lifetime commitment. What better way to find out if such life is for you, or not?

“I love the idea! It sounds like a great and unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, I don’t have so much time available, I already have commitments (for work, study or family). However I do want to feel more established on my spiritual journey! What can I do?” Well we have something called “Spiritual Lifestyle Training” (SLT) This program is only two weeks and afterwards there is no full time commitment expected.

But don’t let this stop you to volunteer some time at one of our centers, or actively work part time from home for the mission. If you do this while maintaining a balance with your other responsibilities your spiritual life will be greatly benefited. There are so many roles in Ananda Marga, many are perfectly doable for those who have other commitments as well.

So if you’re asking yourself if this spiritual training is for you, it’s because it is. Don’t loose this opportunity. We arranged it such way that the Spiritual Lifestyle Trainings coincide with the last two weeks of the LFT trainings! So that even with the shorter training you get a taste of both 🙂

The training will be in our own retreat center, in the lovely, quiet country side village, of Xochicalco. It’s also easy to reach from Mexico City. The training will be in English, Spanish or both as needed. Just click on the orange links to go to the right page and registration.

For Men

LFT training ______________20 July to 30 August 2020

Spiritual Lifestyle Training ___16 to 30 August 2020

For Women

LFT training _____________5 Sep to 17 October 2020

Spiritual Lifestyle Training __3 to 17 October 2020

Looking forward to see you 🙂