“Flowers from different gardens will come together in a bouquet that will be more, not less, beautiful than the individual flowers.” 

– Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

12 Day Spiritual Adventure Camp

Xochicalco, Mexico / February 17 – 28 2023

Our life is nothing but a journey, where destiny is built as we are able to enjoy and get the most out of every moment we live. We brave storms, go through tunnels, climb to the top and then enjoy a warm sunset while sitting on the grass. So we also swim against the current to later feel the refeshing breeze coming from a beautiful waterfall. What is more incredible than doing all this while also enjoying the most pleasant company?

Join us on our next great spiritual adventure!

Connect with your innermost being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, experiencing the power of water, fire, earth and air with each experience. Strengthen your spiritual practice under the guidance and company of our acaryas (spiritual teachers), who have come from different parts of the world. Expand your mind and feel the love with every kind gesture, every delicious dish, every shared story and every memory that will remain in your heart for no shorter than a lifetime.

About the program

  • When?

    The program will start on Friday 17 February at 5 PM (arrival at any time from 3 PM), and finish on Tuesday 28 February 12 PM, after brunch.

  • Where?

    Ananda Madhumaya is our retreat centre located in Xochicalco, Morelos, Mexico. With a favoured climate, surrounded by natural landscapes and small bodies of water, Xochicalco is a small town whose name means “in the place of the house of flowers” and is well known for its beautiful pre-Columbian pyramids dating back to 700 AD.

  • Investment

    From 632 to 1050 USD. The price varies depending on the type of accommodation and payment date. For more information, please visit the rooms & prices section.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival

In this first day, you will be able to relax and rest from your trip, while getting familiar with Ananda Madhumaya.

We will give you a tour on the installations and help you get more comfortable with the utilisation of the spaces. You will also be able to volunteer yourself for the duties you’d like to help with during the program.

Day 2 – Introductions

A wonderful trip starts with meaningful relationships. In this second day, you will get to know our acaryas and the other members of the group.

During the day, our acaryas will guide us through the sadhana practice that is already familiar to the local community. We will have fun with some games and activities that will help us get to know each other better, and we will enjoy delicious food that will prepare us for the adventure to come.

Day 3 – Mil Cascadas waterfalls

Our first adventure will take us deep into the water.

Also known as Las Granadas, it’s a series of beautiful waterfalls and pools on the Granados river. Mil Cascadas means “1000 waterfalls” .

The tour starts with a cave which contains a pool of crystal clear water, and continues downhill where there are another 10 pools and more waterfalls that increase in beauty.

Day 4 – Hiking & picnic

This day we would love to take you through our most frequented route for hiking. It is a path surrounded by vegetation that surrounds the retreat center and ends in a river that is nourished by the seasonal rains.

In the dry season, we take advantage of the space to read, meditate, and do some fun activities. Building pyramids with river stones is one of our favorites!

Day 5 – Xochicalco Pyramids

Xochicalco ruins are 30 min walking distance from the center.

It is believed to have been founded by Mayan traders and artisans engaged in long-distance trade with the Teotihuacan civilization and the site contains a stylistic hybrid of elements of both cultures.

The ruins may have housed up to 20,000 people from the period of 700 to 900 CE. In 900 CE, the site appears to have been destroyed and subsequently abandoned. Nevertheless, its pyramids, stand in excellent condition.

Day 6 – Tepoztlan Magical town

The town of Tepoztlán is one of the most attractive destinations in the state of Morelos with its pre-Hispanic treasures, ancient traditions and legends.

It is famous for its snows of exotic flavors, its handicrafts, the tour to the top of the Tepozteco hill to know the ruins of the temple that is there, its temazcal baths, and museums.

Day 7 – Cacahuamilpa caves

Our next adventure is a trip to the inwards of the earth.

The Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park is a Protected Natural Area where inaccuracies abound. It was stated that it could have served “the cult of the ancient Mexicans”, a theory that is sustained with the ruins of a building in the form of an altar that are preserved on the top of a mountain in front of its entrance.

Day 8 – Tour to Malinalco town

Malinalco is one of the most beautiful towns in the state, which is characterized by its calm and friendly atmosphere. Is cobbled streets that follow the irregularity of the ground, orchards of varied fruits, as well as the climate, give it a paradisiacal aspect.

On Wednesdays, the famous tianguis takes place, dating back to pre-Hispanic times, where you can find a diverse range of handicrafts and all the products of the region.

Day 9 & 10 – Las Estacas Natural Park

In a spectacular gushing nestled in the water park Las Estacas, the Yautepec River is born, in the midst of exuberant vegetation.

Our last adventure will include camping in this beautiful place which is surrounded by a chrystal water river and majestic palm trees.

The aquatic tour begins at the borbollón, a spring that is more than 10,000 years old, from which more than 7,000 liters of water per second are born.

Day 11 – Free day!

This last full day of the program we would like to leave open to ideas of all members of the group.

There are still several places to explore in the surrounding area, as well as various activities that could take place inside and outside the retreat center.

Depending on the energy of the group, we could either decide on more adventures, or staying for more moments of learning or resting at our place.

Day 12 – Good bye

It is never easy for us to say goodbye to the pleasant company that accompanies us for days. And yet, each program closing is equally happy and emotional.

On this last day we will support you to prepare whatever you need to start the journey back home and we will probably reach out to you to learn from your experiences with us.

A very special gift

If you feel it and it is possible for you, also consider offering this program as a gift to a person who needs it. Doing good for someone we love is a great way to elevate consciousness and bring wellness to our own being.


Ananda Madhumaya is a beautiful retreat center and future Master Unit of Ananda Marga.

The project started in 2014 with a small piece of land that had a big hall (ceramic workshop) and a house on top. It had been abandoned for several years. Since then, we have worked on renovations, the acquisition of nearby properties, construction and landscaping to create a beautiful environment.

Even when it is still a work in progress, Ananda Madhumaya serves already as a place with a vibrant community that endeavor to be self sufficient as much as possible and provides inspiration to members of Ananda Marga as well as the local community. Service programs are also an integral part of this vision.

Within the facilities we have an outdoor dining room, equipped kitchen, campfire area, meditation room, laundry center and parking for 8 vehicles. We also have WiFi network available.

Available rooms & options

  • Registration is individual (each person must complete their own registration).
  • All rooms are shared according to gender (not mixed). However, a married couple can share a room for two people.
  • From the first person who registers in a room, it will be defined if it will be shared by women or men. If you will be staying with your spouse please let us know in the comments of the registration form.

Woodpecker studio

1-2 people, exclusive bathroom (not attached)

The most spacious of our rooms.

It has a double bed and a single bed (optional), a book area and a work table. The stone walls give it an ancient and picturesque air.

The bathroom, which has hot water (solar energy), is not attached, but is for the exclusive use of its guests.

Normal price: $1050.20 USD
Paying before 1-Dec: $1006 USD (-5%)
Paying before 30-Oct: $944 USD (-12%)
There is a 5% late fee after 27 Jan.

  • The amount includes accommodation, food, classes, workshops and activities during the 12 days of the program.
  • Rate is per person based on double occupancy.

Kingfisher room

1-2 people, attached bathroom

This room has a double bed and a single bed. It is comfortable enough for two people or two people and a minor.

It has a double window, which provides greater ventilation and lighting. The bathroom is attached and has hot water (solar energy).

Normal price: $997 USD
Paying before 1-Jan: $953 USD (-5%)
Paying before 1 Dec: $890 USD (-12%)
There is a 5% late fee after 27 Jan.

  • The amount includes accommodation, food, classes, workshops and activities during the 12 days of the program.
  • Rate is per person based on double occupancy.

Flycatcher room

1-2 people, attached bathroom

*There is only room for one more woman.

This cozy room has a double bed and a single bed. It is comfortable enough for two people or two people and a minor.

The bathroom is attached and has hot water (solar energy).

Normal price: $953 USD
Paying before 1-Jan: $908 USD (-5%)
Paying before 1 Dec: $846 USD (-12%)
There is a 5% late fee after 27 Jan.

  • The amount includes accommodation, food, classes, workshops and activities during the 12 days of the program.
  • Rate is per person based on double occupancy.

Kiskadee room

Up to 4 people, attached bathroom

This room, accessible from the outside, has two bunk beds and two individual beds. It is ideal for a family or group of people who want to enjoy living together without losing comfort.

The bathroom is attached and has hot water (solar energy).

Normal price: $890 USD
Paying before 1-Jan: $845 USD (-5%)
Paying before 1 Dec: $784 USD (-12%)
There is a 5% late fee after 27 Jan.

  • The amount includes accommodation, food, classes, workshops and activities during the 10 days of the program.
  • Rate is per person.

Dorm rooms

Up to 8 people, shared outdoor bathroom

Each bedroom has 4 bunk beds. Ideal for those who want to save on their lodging and enjoy sharing their space with other people.

The bathrooms do not have hot water, but they do have what is necessary to carry out the bath and half-bath practices according to the Ananda Marga system.

Normal price: $757 USD
Paying before 1-Jan: $712 USD (-5%)
Paying before 1-Dec: $650 USD (-12%)
There is a 5% late fee after 27 Jan.

  • The amount includes accommodation, food, classes, workshops and activities during the 12 days of the program.
  • Rate is per person.

About the experience

Life at Ananda Madhumaya is both peaceful and dynamic. There is always something to do when it comes to cooking, cleaning and gardening.

Dada Krpasundarananda is at the forefront of interior and exterior space design, remodeling, construction and maintenance projects. Didi Shanta, on the other hand, directs all efforts regarding the kitchen and food supply. The food is prepared with all the love and care of Didi, as well as being made with local and mostly organic ingredients. Arjuna, our LFT, supports the acaryas in various activities and is also active in dharma pracar and learning activities.

Finally and most importantly, spiritual practice according to our philosophy, unites us and accompanies us at every moment of the day.


Didi Ananda Shanta

Didi Ananda Shanta

The heart of the kitchen

She is a nun originally from the Philippines, a vegetarian sattvic cookery teacher, and a certified trainer with the International Infant Massage Association.

Didi herself worked in Africa for 20 years, where she ran a home for girls and oversaw the construction of schools and clinics. She is currently contributing to the efforts of the Ananda Marga Unit in Xochicalco, coordinating the preparation of food in programs and spiritual gatherings.

Dada Krpasundarananda

Dada Krpasundarananda

Supporter instructor of the program

Monk and meditation teacher since 1991. Trained as a computer engineer, he loves the practical aspects. He will help Dada with logistics, organization, making sure all participants are okay, and leading the kiirtans.

He worked for several years in Australia, ten years in New Zealand, four years in South Africa and finally in Mexico where he is developing a retreat center and Master Unit.

Do you have any questions?

For any questions regarding the program, finances or other, please do not hesitate to contact us.


73 73 74 3122 (you can ask for Dada Krpa)

Mobile phone

55 45 83 63 83 (add +52 when calling internationally)



WhatsApp or Telegram

+52 55 46 700 800

Covid 19

As we all know, there is a Covid-19 virus infecting the population and many people have died. Whether the situation is better or worse than what the media informs us, we consider that being with many people may increase the possibility of getting infected or transmitting the virus to others.

Whether or not you will be affected depends on your immune system. Most people have no or few symptoms, but some people have severe symptoms and some even die from it. So please consider carefully your participation in this program, you are responsible for your health condition and situation and not only yours but also others.

For example, if you know you have Covid or have been in contact with people in the last 10 days who were infected that time please wait for a future event before attending. Also if you consider yourself in a risk group, live or work with people in a risk group, it will probably also be better to wait for a next event. Again you have a responsibility both for you own health and the collective welfare.

This program is open for everyone, vaccinated or not. If you like to wear a face-mask or not is also your choice, but for your information, most people who come decide not to wear it. Being vaccinated may protect you to a certain extend though at the same time it may not prevent others getting infected through you.

Washing hands, covering your mouth when sneezing (in your elbow), not hugging or kissing to greet each other (we have our beautiful “Namaskar” for that!) reduces the likelihood contracting or passing on many diseases.

Given our previous experience organizing programs during the last three years, we consider that the risk is low and we are happy to welcome you all. Still the decision and responsibility is yours.

Cancellation Policy

As we have prior non refundable expenses such as the hotel booking and travel arrangements we can not give full refund in case you cancel. Nevertheless, we offer the following options:

  • If you cancel two or more weeks in advance, you’ll get a refund of 70% over the total amount.
  • With a cancellation within less than two weeks and latest 3 days before the start there is no refund. However the balance minus 30% can be applied to any of our future program(s) within one year.
  • Otherwise if you cancel less than 3 days in advance or just don’t show up there is neither refund nor a balance for future programs.

Registration form

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