Winter Bliss Retreat

Expanding the Periphery of Your Love

Meditation Yoga New Year’s Retreat in Ojai, California

Dec 27 to Jan 1st, 2020

  • Dates

    Dec 27 at 3:00 PM – Ending Jan 1st at 10:00 AM

  • Location

    Camp Ramah
    385 Fairview Rd, Ojai,
    California 93023

  • Community

    A unique gathering of over a 100 yogis and 20 A’charyas (spiritual teachers) who create a sacred space for personal growth, community & lots of fun.

 If it is possible to measure one’s spiritual attainment…

How can one know if one is progressing on the spiritual path? Some religious traditions measure a person’s sanctity by their demonstrations of spiritual power and miracles.

On the other hand spirituality is all about love, not power.

Winter Bliss 2019 Meditation Yoga New Year’s retreat in Ojai, California, is an opportunity to close the year and start the new one with an immersion in spirituality in the company of other 100 spiritualists.

Join us to explore the expansion of love through the practice of Neo-humanism.

 Imagine your day…

You can meditate every day, 4 times a day with more than 100 yogis, sing and dance to hours of blissful kiirtan, join Hatha Yoga sessions twice daily, attend workshops & talks from highly experienced Yogis. In the afternoons and evening you get to enjoy cooperative games, nature walks, awesome live music and other entertainment.
Winter Bliss is a great place to make new friends, have fun & enjoy delicious vegetarian food.

This is an unique opportunity to experience personal transformation & explore the treasure of Neo-humanism.

Bliss retreats are unique events, carefully crafted to create a highly charged spiritual environment and a safe space for all, from advanced to new aspiring yogis.

The detailed program: Winter Bliss Program


Neo-humanism: Philosophy – Practice – Purpose

We all thirst for the opportunity to express our full potential. The earth is our home. At a time of critical planetary changes we urgently need a global system that supports and nourishes us on our collective human journey.

The philosophy of Neo-humanism was created by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in the early 1980’s. It describes a practical way to transform ourselves and our society that will enable us to embrace a sentiment of universal love or Universalism. Learn more about Neo-Humanism.